Jaison N Jacob

To help people succeed in living an organised and fulfilling life and together make the world better’ is the ultimate goal of Jaison.

Through personal coaching sessions he guides individuals to identify their passion, train them to overcome the different difficulties and find the best strategies to get to the aims and feel fulfilled.

He mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers to be real leaders and guides their businesses. He helps businesses to define their vision, measure their actions and evaluate the communications to ensure that it is heading towards the destination. He is a TED speech writer and a trainer for public speaking. He is an advocate of powerful speaking and conscious listening to spread the message effectively and efficiently to maximise the result and minimise ambiguity. His method is simple, organic and harmonic. He has done a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications from London Metropolitan University after his BA in English with Journalism.He believes that education is a continuous process marked by growth. He regularly learns new methods and tools to help people and businesses to succeed.

He is inspired by the works of Sir Ken Robinson, Simon Sinek, Julian Treasure, Simon Anholt, Dr. Susan Jeffers, Robert T. Kiyosaki and many others.

Today Jaison is an International Personal Coach, Business Consultant and Communication Specialist with clients from America, Europe, Africa and India. He works between India and Europe.

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